Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Biffy Clyro - Mountains

A couple of weeks ago, a reader recommended that I review some of Biffy Clyro's music.  Initially I thought, "Biffy Clyro, who?".  I had never heard of them.  So I did some research.  Biffy Clyro is an alternative rock band from Scotland.  They've been around since 1995 (under a different name) and released their debut as Biffy Clyro in 2002.  The song "Mountains" was released in August of 2008.  The song wasn't intended to be included on their fifth album, Only Revolutions, but it was.  I quite like the song.  I like the "big" sound to it.  The chorus has the driving guitars behind, vocalist, Simon Neil, while piano chords and arpeggios add a more legato feeling to the song.  When I heard, "Cause you tear us apart...", I knew the song was good.  For some reason, I love that part of the song.  Mountains, for me, was a great introduction to the band.  I found myself listening to it several times after the first listen.  It makes me wonder why they aren't more prominent in the US.  It's kind of disappointing, because this song sounds like a hit for the US's alternative rock radio.  I highly recommend listening to the song if you haven't heard it already, you won't regret it.

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  1. Woooooo.
    They are great though aren't they? My favourite song from Only Revolutions changes all the time, simply because every song is great. At the moment, it's probably Bubbles. Get the album though, even if not to review it. It's great :)