Saturday, February 20, 2010

TAT - Pessimist

TAT is a rock band from London, England.  They released their debut album, Soho Lights, in fall of 2008.  To support the album they went on a tour that you might be familiar with, The Vans Warped Tour.  They've also toured with many other well known punk bands, such as The Offspring and NOFX. The song "Pessimist" is a fast paced punk rock piece of goodness.  Vocalist, Tatiana DeMaria, is one of the most aggressive female lead singers I've heard in a while.  The energy in the song is great, it's very angry.  It really packs a punch and left me wanting more.  The trio could make it big if they continue the streak that they're on.  Right now, they're preparing material for their sophomore effort, so look out.  I would listen to TAT if you like punk rock music that's somewhere between Civet and Rise Against.

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