Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Common Year - Between Cities

Every once in a while, in a sea of music, you stumble across a band that stands out from the others.  This band has something that's a little different or unique.  A Common Year is a rock band from Indianapolis that just recently released their debut full length album, Between Cities.  I have to say, for a fresh name in the music industry, the album is really good.  Upon first listen, I heard several possible influences.  I feel that their sound is similar to Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, and maybe even Taking Back Sunday.

The album starts off with "Distance".  It's a great track to get the album going, one of the strongest of the group.  One great thing about the record is that the songs don't just blend together.  Each track is its own and keeps the listeners attention.  Towards the end of the album there are a few acoustic songs.  These bring the speed down and add a new mood to the set.  "Solstice" really stands out.

One reason why Taking Back Sunday is a good comparison for the band is because of the dual vocals.  The back and forth lines of the multi-tasking guitarists, Casey Baksa and Coleman Bright, add a twist that not too many bands have.  This is a great element that the band should use often.

In the end, Between Cities sounds very complete.  There really isn't a missing piece that the package is lacking.  If you like rock music with some emo roots, along the lines of Jimmy Eat World, then check out the album.  You can download the entire album for free, no strings attached courtesy of the band, here.

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