Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plastiscines - I Could Rob You

The all-girl rock band from France, Plastiscines, released their sophomore album About Love in the summer of 2009.  On that album, was the song "I Could Rob You".  This song is great.  The opening guitar/bass riff is what the song is built off of.  Without it, the song would seem so much more dull, like something's missing.  The riff strangely reminds me of the riff in "Pot Kettle Black" by Tilly And The Wall.  One unique element to the song is that you can hear a slight French accent in vocalist, Katty Besnard's, voice.  It adds a tone that most American female vocalists don't have.  The song also has a dance rock feeling to it, courtesy of the steady drum beat.  You should check out this song if you like The Bravery, Franz Ferdinand, or The Raveonettes.  "I Could Rob You" is a fun song that you'll definitely remember.

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