Monday, August 10, 2009

Cobra Starship

Tomorrow, the dance-alternative oriented Cobra Starship release their third album, Hot Mess. While their newest single Good Girls Go Bad, featuring Leighton Meester, is climbing the charts, what about their previous music? Almost unknown, other than to fans of the Fueled By Ramen signed bands (Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, etc.), they actually had several hit songs under the mainstream radar. In light of the release of Hot Mess, I'll review two songs from their 2007 album, ¡Viva la Cobra!.

First up is the opening song of the album, The City Is At War. If you like synthesizers, then you'll definitely like this song. It's filled to the top with synths, courtesy of keytar player Victoria Asher. The City Is At War is a fast paced song that you can dance to. It's not metal, but it has enough of an edge to satisfy those who dislike to much pop.

The second song is Guilty Pleasure. This song has more grinding guitars included with the synthy package. The chorus is just as catchy as The City Is At War, something Cobra Starship seems to be good at. They clearly know how to satisfy those looking for some dance focused pop-punk. If you are uncomfortable with swearing, then you should definitely choose Guilty Pleasure over The City Is At War.

If you're a casual listener, you might get lost in the swarm of music which is similar to Cobra Starship. The only thing that sets them apart is the overload of techno-like synthesizers. Their older music has less of a pop sound than the new single Good Girls Go Bad. This could be good or bad depending on your tastes. It could also be the one thing that held them back from mainstream success prior to "Good Girls". If you want a current band that can make you dance, then check out Hot Mess when it's released tomorrow.

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  1. Wow. Pop synthesizers are very tempting. If you hadn't reviewed this album, I would have thought this was rap, from the cover!
    HAHA I must say that this blog hits various music generes. But . . . you still have country, rap, metal, and just solid dance music. Other wise, AWESOME BLOGGING!

    - Unknown commenter