Sunday, August 9, 2009

White Rabbits - Percussion Gun

If there's alternative music with a slight poppy sound to it, I'll usually listen. Especially if a catchy beat is included. You can count me in. Percussion Gun is exactly this. It's a catchy alternative song, with just enough of a pop taste to satisfy both ends of the spectrum

Percussion Gun can be found on White Rabbits' second album, "It's Frightening". The main attraction of the song is the constant beat. It's not a digitally created beat you might find on your usual Flo Rida or Black Eyed Peas song. It's pounding drums, piano, muted guitar, and bass. The beat makes you tap your feet without realizing. The only problem is if you take away the beat, there isn't that much left. Hence the name "Percussion Gun". The vocals are good, but not amazing. They're enough to complete the song without leaving any major flaws. If you're into alternative or pop with an indie flare, then give Percussion Gun a listen, it's something you wouldn't hear on your average radio station.

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