Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sia - Under The Milky Way

Under The Milky Way is a song performed originally by the Australian band, The Church.  Other artists such as Kill Hannah, and even Rick Springfield, have covered the song.  The most recent to do so is the, also Australian, pop singer, Sia.  You may have already heard this version of the song on the Lincoln car commercial, if not, then give it a listen.  I hold been hearing it as background noise whenever the commercial would come on.  It wasn't until recently that I discovered it was Sia who sang it.  I knew about Sia from her song, Soon We'll Be Found.  Her voice is very unique.  It's very rough and smokey, not polished at all.  She kind of sounds like she's mumbling at times, but it isn't distracting from the song.  You can download the song for free, courtesy of Lincoln, here.  I would definitely check it out.  The song is very laid back and relaxing.  If you like it, then give some of Sia's other music a listen.  This is starting to sound like a Lincoln car advertisement...

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