Monday, February 8, 2010

Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy - Hard

Rihanna released her fourth album, Rated R, last year.  Hard is the second single from the darker themed album.  The one positive thing about the song is the beat.  If you blast this song in your car or at a club, the beat and the bass is great.  The problem is, that's really the only good thing about the single.  The lyrics are pretty much just Rihanna showing off her bragging rights.  She talks about, "The money, the fame, the cars, the clothes...".  Young Jeezy's rap ins't spectacular either.  He doesn't bring anything special to the table, besides what every other featured rapper already has.  Rihanna's image has changed completely ever since the Chris Brown incident.  Her music is much darker than her previous cheery hits (Umbrella, Pon De Replay).  I dislike this change of direction.  I would only download this song if you need a song with a booming beat.  Still, there are hundreds of other songs with this element that are better than Hard (Boom Boom Pow, Bad Romance, For Your Entertainment).  Actually, just skip this one.

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