Saturday, February 6, 2010

Avril Lavigne - Alice

After a three year break from the music scene, Avril Lavigne is back.  She recorded the song "Alice" for the soundtrack to the Tim Burton film, "Alice In Wonderland".  This is the second song she has contributed for a major motion picture soundtrack, the first being "Keep Holding On".  This time around, she didn't strike theatrical gold.  "Alice" isn't nearly as interesting as the former pop hit for the film adaption of "Eragon".  The problem with "Alice" is the melody.  It's very monotone at times.  Lavigne sounds as if she is shouting throughout the entire song.  It can get tiring.  If the melody was re-worked and the chorus was lowed, the song would be much better.  One upside to the song is that it does have a cinematic sound to it.  Depending on "Alice In Wonderland's" opening or closing credits, the song could be suitable.  Personally, I would skip this song and wait for a new album from Avril, unless you're a huge fan.  This one doesn't exactly impress me...

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  1. Tim Burton showed Avril clips of the movie prior to her writing the song, the was song specifically written for the movie and is best listened to with the movie not on it's own, like Keep Holding on. Btw Tim loved the song and approved it for the movie and it was the only song off the "Almost Alice" sound track to actually be featured in the movie "Alice in Wonderland" during the end credits.