Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flobots - White Flag Warrior

The Beastie Boys have done it before, but not quite in the same way. Flobots is a band that mixes alternative rock and rap to make something a little different from your usual rap-rock. Along with the Beastie Boys... Linkin Park and Rage Against The Machine could be seen as influences.  All of these bands have, in some way, brought some hip-hop to the distorted rock genre.

I first heard of Flobots when they released their most successful single, "Handlebars".  "Handlebars" received plenty of airplay on both hip-hop and rock radio stations, I hope "White Flag Warrior" is given the same attention.  The band's music is very unique.  The presence of their violist, Mackenzie Roberts, is definitely a strong point.  To have a viola in rock or rap music is unusual.

The track features Tim McIlrath, of the punk band, Rise Against.  His vocals come in during the song's chorus.  As a fan of Rise Against, his vocals on the record are great.  The chorus is very fitting to the rest of "White Flag Warrior".  It's one of the standout moments.

Flobots' sophomore album, Survival Story, just came out this week.  If you liked the band's previous work, then you should definitely check out the album.  The band is bringing something new to the table by breaking the standard genre molds.

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