Friday, March 5, 2010

Hole - Skinny Little B***h

What will Courtney Love do next?  Apparently she's singing, once again.  Just when you thought she was occupied with the Guitar Hero lawsuit, Love is back with her old band.  When I say old band, I don't mean her original band.  Sure, it's still called "Hole", but the band lineup is completely different.  This song sounds like it belongs in the nineties.  If you heard the music without the front-woman's hoarse yells, you'd think it was a Nirvana song.  I feel that the band has completely eliminated any chance at radio play because of the obscene lyrics.  Let's just say that extreme censoring would be necessary.

Former Hole Lineup
I've never been a fan of Courtney Love in the past, and this remains unchanged.  She sounds incredibly tired and rough, maybe even a little... old.  It's really hard to get past her, personally.  Even when you do, the song is still bland.  I don't criticize music for no reason, this song deserves the complaints.  I would pass on "Skinny Little B***h", especially if you aren't comfortable with excess profanity.  It sounds like grunge music that would've been overshadowed by Nirvana if released in its appropriate era.

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