Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Semi Precious Weapons - Semi Precious Weapons

Glam rock isn't a popular genre nowadays.  In the seventies, glam rock was at it's peak.  David Bowie was leading the way in this new genre.  Along with bands like Queen and T. Rex, this style of music saw it's rise and fall.  Semi Precious Weapons is taking the elements of glam rock, and updating it to today's standards.  The flashy clothes, androgyny, and wild rock is all still here, but can they continue the trend with as much power as before?

The single, "Semi Precious Weapons", is all out rock.  With a riff that seems almost too memorable, the song kicks off.  Vocalist, Justin Tranter, starts the song with, "I can't pay my rent, but I'm ******* gorgeous.".  His over the top vocals fit the song perfectly.  The song not only borrows from the glam genre, but it also has some punk rock influences.  It's a great song to start a party.

The band will be releasing an album later this year. Until then , you can check out their self titled EP.  They're currently on the Monster Ball tour with Lady Gaga. If that isn't a big enough stage, I don't know what is.  Semi Precious Weapons' wild and bold attitude, along with their crazy fashion, might staple them into the upcoming music scene.  I would definitely look out for their upcoming full length album this spring.

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