Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Veins - Gold And Warm

When executed properly, duos can be amazing.  Duos such as The Kills, The Raveonettes, She & Him, and The White Stripes all make unique music. Bad Veins is another pair that manages to succeed at the duo game.  They released their self-titled album last summer.  It consists of solid alternative rock tunes, with a dance rock twist.

"Gold And Warm" starts off with a mystical intro filled with harps and strings, but this doesn't last long.  The drum beat kicks in, and then the fuzzy guitars.  While the song gets distorted, the harp and strings can still be heard along the track.  They give the song a gentle sweeping feeling.  A great chorus is always welcome. Apparently, Bad Veins got the memo, because this chorus is no exception, it's great.  It's the type of chorus that will have you humming for quite a while after you hear it.

The band definitely has alternative rock radio material with "Gold And Warm".  If you like The Killers, The Bravery, and similar alternative bands with dance-synth elements, then you'll probably love this song.  The song is very similar to the big named bands of the genre, yet it isn't quite as polished.  Bad Veins will have a great future ahead of them if they keep this up.

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