Saturday, March 27, 2010

La Bella Charade - Self Titled EP

Pop-punk music is usually made up of big sing-along choruses and overly emotional vocalists.  The songs are short and fast, little bits of uncontrollable energy.  Not often do you find an album of the genre that flows together as one piece.  La Bella Charade's debut self titled EP does just that.  From the beginning to the end, the EP sounds, and feels, like a complete album.

The five song EP is a great intro for the St. Louis based quartet.  They establish themselves in a crowd among well known names such as Fall Out Boy and Paramore.  The album is actually very reminiscent of Fall Out Boy's debut, Take This To Your Grave.  It's exciting and raw.  If they keep this style instead of transitioning into a pop-rock band, then they could gain a following of listeners who are striving for this musical style.

In many of the songs, harmonizing is key.  This technique is something the band has utilized to it's potential.  While the vocals could use some fine tuning, they're strong enough to stand out among other similar bands.

I would check out La Bella Charade if you enjoy bands such as Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, and Paramore.  Pop-punk fans should be prepared for this band.  They have the potential to rise above the masses.  To find more info on this band, check out their website, here.


  1. awesome review, you described the style of the band perfectly! Good Luck guys!