Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eolune - Canvas

Alternative rock and electronic are two completely different genres.  Not often are they compared or used together.  Bands such as Nine Inch Nails combine metal and electronic styles, but not entirely alternative.  What would happen if they were combined?  Eolune has merged elements of the two genres to create the Canvas EP.  Does this experiment truly work?  It their case, it does.

The main elements that are taken from the electronic style are the synths and beats.  The majority of the synthesizers that are used are in the bass range.  While an acoustic drum kit is used, the beat patterns are very reminiscent of a more digitally contrived production.  Similar vibes can be felt from the guitar work on tracks such as "Tangled".

At six tracks long, the EP gives a good taste for the band's sound.  They definitely have something different going on.  When I first heard the vocals on "Billboard", I thought of Isaac Brock, of Modest Mouse.  There is a similar tone between the well known alternative singer and Eolune's Corey Wade.

Because of the merge of two genres, Eolune's music appeals to more than one crowd.  Fans of alternative band's such as Silversun Pickups, Metric, and as previously mentioned Modest Mouse will find something here.  Also, listeners of acts like Imogen Heap, Ratatat, and Nine Inch Nails might enjoy the album.

To find more info on Eolune and download the Canvas EP (pay as you wish), visit the band's website, here.  This is an impressive debut album that could put the band on the map.  I see Eolune as a future alternative band to look out for.

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