Friday, March 12, 2010

Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks

If you're a follower of Jack White, from The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, and The Raconteurs, then you probably already know who Karen Elson is.  If not, then you will soon.  Karen Elson is a model turned musician, and Jack White's wife.  She will be releasing her debut album later this year.  But before she releases her album, listeners can get a feel for her style in "The Ghost Who Walks".  The song is just her and an acoustic guitar.  It's almost folk.  Wether or not a full band version of the song will be released is unknown at this point, but the acoustic track is great.

Upon first listen, I was surprised by Elson's voice.  I figured that if she was always around music she would've started her music career sooner, especially when she can sing so well.  I think that the lack of instrumentation in the song truly showcases her abilities.

In terms of the song's composition, it's very original.  It has a very memorable melody, it's simple yet effective.  Because the track is produced by Jack White, it has a very similar production style to her husband's various works.  At the same time, the song doesn't sound like something that could have been performed by one of his bands.

For more info on the song, and to download the song for free, you can check out Elson's website, here.  "The Ghost Who Walks" has sparked my curiosity for the upcoming debut album from Karen Elson.  Will the entire record by acoustic based like this song, or will she follow the style of White and get distorted?

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