Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anjulie - Boom

Much of today's radio-friendly pop music has major R&B and hip-hop influences.  The problem is, these songs don't use the elements of these genres to their advantage.  What ends up happening, is the creation of several songs that song exactly same.  Anjulie is a Canadian pop singer.  Her debut self titled album was released in the summer of  last year.  On that album was "Boom".  This song is made for pop success. It blends different musical styles and cultures to create something new and fresh.

"Boom" starts slow and minimal.  When the chorus comes, so do the horns.  Along with chimes and an organ, the song starts to pick up.  The second verse brings in the beat.  The pattern and instrumentation of the song is very unique and haunting.  The simple hook of, "Boom, shalaka", is genius.  That hook is what makes the song so memorable.

I would definitely check out this song if you want something that's catchy and unique.  If you like Amy Winehouse then you might enjoy Anjulie.  The bass focused horns and R&B influences are present in both artist's music.  The song also has a slight Middle Eastern or Indian tinge too it.  This flare adds even more to the song.  After you hear this single, you'll be singing "Boom" for hours.

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