Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Neon Trees - Animal

Lately, I've had a bit of a pop obsession.  Just about a year ago, pop was kind of bland and boring.  I didn't buy any of the new pop albums.  I lost interest in the bubbly genre and looked towards alternative rock.  The last few months have been completely different.  The pop genre got a boost of energy from new acts, and I became interested.  I started picking up pop records and now I'm constantly looking for more.

Neon Trees is an American band who just released their debut full length album, Habits.  Their music has what I love about the pop genre.  Catchy melodies, upbeat music, and solid vocals.  It's all very polished.  While they aren't a full blown radio pop group of their own, they get awfully close to it.  They effectively appeal to that general audience.

The song's instrumental is very produced.  It's alternative music you can dance to.  Maybe something along the lines of The Ting Tings, in that matter.  "Animal" isn't a song that you need to study.  It's just there to be enjoyed.  Feel good music, if you please.

The song is currently available as the Single Of The Week on iTunes, for free.  You can download the song during this offer until the 23rd of March.  I would definitely check it out, what's to lose?

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