Thursday, March 11, 2010

MGMT - Flash Delirium

MGMT, the electro-psychedelic duo, will be releasing their sophomore album, Congratulations, next month.  The first song to be revealed from the record is "Flash Delirium".  I'm not sure if you would call this the lead single, because the band has declared that no singles would be released.  They wanted the listeners to enjoy the album without the isolation of one track.  Their debut album, Oracular Spectacular, contained several hit singles, so this marketing move is bold.

I loved "Kids" and "Electric Feel" from their first effort.  This song is nothing like those tracks.  "Flash Delirium" is a new direction for the group.  They abandoned much of their electro-dance roots for a more classic rock sound.  That's right, the song has classic rock influences.  It sounds as if they might have listened to The Beatles during the recording process.  You can hear harmonies and severe rhythm changes.  It's interesting.

After hearing "Flash Delirium", I'm curious.  Will the rest of Congratulations sound like this song, or more towards the singles they're known for.  While I really enjoyed "Electric Feel", this new work is just as intriguing.  You can download the track for free on the band's website, here.  I would definitely download it, the track is great.  If you like it, then buy Congratulations on April 13.

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