Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Johnny Lazer

I'm always searching for exciting new music from upcoming artists.  When I stumbled upon a single from Johnny Lazer, I was instantly surprised that I had never heard of this pop act before.  Johnny Lazer is made up of Antony Cherrie and Laura Fares.  Antony is the face of the duo, taking the name of Johnny Lazer with his wild stage presence and signature mohawk, while Laura supplies the beats.  Together, they make insanely catchy electro-pop music.  The first thing I noticed about Johnny Lazer was how tight the production of the music is.  These songs sound like they should be at the top of pop music charts everywhere.

Their track "Bad Boyfriend", which is released on March 28, is all sorts of fun.  During the verses Johnny half-raps over a speeding synth-covered beat.  The song is packed with energy and gives listeners a nice taste of Johnny Lazer's style.  It's nice to hear a male vocalist in a style of music that is dominated by mainstream female singers.

"New High" takes a different approach to the genre with a soaring and melodic dance piece.  Listeners who may not be fond of the playful, yet dangerous, mood of "Bad Boyfriend" will probably prefer this single.  There's no denying that Johnny Lazer has an amazing voice for pop music and you can hear it in this song.  The layered vocals add some depth to the chorus.  It sounds like a bittersweet pop party.

While the official release of "Bad Boyfriend" isn't until next month, you can listen to it along with "New High" below...

  Bad Boyfriend by JohnnyLazer

  New High by JohnnyLazer

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  1. Definitely not the music I expected by the album cover! It's awesome.

    Love his hair, too. =]