Sunday, September 25, 2011

LIGHTS - Everybody Breaks A Glass

Canadian electro-popper LIGHTS is due to release her sophomore album, Siberia, next month.  As the follow-up to her debut The Listening, Siberia features contributions from Shad and Holy F**k.  "Everybody Breaks A Glass" has been out since July, and while the official first single is "Toes", "Everybody Breaks A Glass" is LIGHTS' heaviest track yet.  Plus, it's insanely addictive.

LIGHTS' first album was full of potential pop hits.  They were airy, uplifting, and contained enough mesmerizing melodies to satisfy your average pop junkie.  From the very beginning of "Everybody Breaks A Glass", the music is different.  There's more edge in the production.  Holy F**k could take some of the credit in that department.  The electronica group worked on the instrumental with LIGHTS.  Clean beats have been replaced by thick crunching distortion.  Vocally, LIGHTS switches up between a her signature sweet and innocent style and a more demanding voice in the verses.

After a dubstep influenced breakdown, there's a verse from Shad.  For the most part, the entire "featured rapper" method is horribly overused in Top 40 music.  If you take a look at the Hot 100 charts, an overwhelming amount of the singles feature another artist.  Some artists such as Katy Perry have even abused the idea simply to bump record sales with rushed remixes.  However, Shad's presence on "Everybody Breaks A Glass" is a great parallel to LIGHTS' vocals.

Siberia is out worldwide on October fourth.  You can pre-order a variety of editions, including an autographed package, here.  A standard edition pre-order can also be found here.

Watch the lyric video for "Everybody Breaks A Glass" below...

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