Friday, September 16, 2011

Joe Brooks - A Reason To Swim

Joe Brooks is an artist of the singer/songwriter variety.  He plays acoustic pop music with big arrangements and comes from the UK.  He recently made two major changes in his musical journey.  First, he's now in America.  Second, he decided to release his newest album A Reason To Swim the old fashioned way, without a record label.  Joe is independent in the US.  What's even more impressive is the dedication of his audience.  They made this album possible by funding the recording process.  With six stripped down songs, A Reason To Swim is similar to Jason Mraz and Ingrid Michaelson in that "coffee shop crooner" way.  "For You" sounds like a broken heart and "Someday (OK)" has a laid back groove.  Altogether, the album has a very complete theme and sound.

You can check out A Reason To Swim and Joe's previous records here.  If you want to see Joe live, he'll be playing at venues on the east coast, which you can find here.

Download: "A Reason To Swim"

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