Friday, September 16, 2011

CSS - La Liberación

Although the release of CSS' debut album Cansei de Ser Sexy initially failed to make much impact in 2005, one year and an Apple commercial later, CSS would be the band that everyone is talking about.  Their wild and danceable album contained tracks such as "Alala", "Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above", and the breakout single "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex".  They has created an electro-rock album with punk attitude.  CSS' second album Donkey switched gears with less dancing and more rocking.  Now the band is back with La Liberación.  This record is Cansei de Ser Sexy revisited.  The old sound has been updated with some new surprises.

CSS' name is an abbreviation of the phrase Cansei de Ser Sexy, which translates to "tired of being sexy".  That ridiculous attitude, the same sense of humor that brought you "Meeting Paris Hilton", is one of the shining features of CSS.  The Brazilian band is lead by Lovefoxxx, who breezes through live performances with capes and black lipstick, the latter of which earns a cameo on La Liberación.

La Liberación kicks of with the synthesized "I Love You", which features a call and response "I love you - I love you, too".  The opening track flows into "Hits Me Like A Rock", the lead single with Primal Scream's frontman.  Bobby Gillespie is the first of many guest artists on this album.  Ssion, Ratatat, and Mike Garson all make appearances.  "City Grrrl" is a club anthem waiting to happen, while "Partners In Crime" channels Aladdin Sane.  The album is a bit spastic in genres at times.  At one minute you'll have a Spanish punk piece and then a half spoken mellow rap track lies near the end of the record.

CSS still manages to save "F**k Everything" for last.  The finale is guitar driven with shouts of angst.  After a break of silence, Lovefoxxx returns to exclaim her love of "going to the pub with the gays" and "cookies", among other things.  It's bizarre and hilarious, a pretty good description of CSS.

La Liberación is out now on Cooperative Music.  You can buy a physical copy here.  If you prefer the digital way, then go here.

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