Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Glass Candy - Feeling Without Touching

"Feeling Without Touching" is a piece of electronic goodness from Glass Candy.  The song resembles something from the 80's via Talking Heads.  With a beat that sounds like a robot, the song may be one of acquired taste.  The vocal style of, singer, Ida No channels the famous Yoko Ono.  Something about the tone of No's singing is incredibly similar to Yoko's distinct voice.  If you like odd and bouncy pop songs, then this quality is an added bonus.

The group's EP, Feeling Without Touching, was released in February of this year.  The tracks on the album are definitely out of the ordinary.  With spoken words and buzzing synth beats, you'll be turning your head in curiosity.  The instrumentals on the EP sound like they could also belong to Madonna during her early career.  If you like original and sometimes even questionable electronic or dance music, then check out Glass Candy.  Their music may be far out and weird at times, but it's also pretty interesting.

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