Friday, May 13, 2011

Ida Maria - Cherry Red

Remember Ida Maria?  The Norwegian rocker girl who was peeling banana's two years ago is back with a new single.  "Cherry Red" is from her upcoming sophomore album, Katla.  The album is already out in Norway, and everywhere else thanks to the internet, but an official international release is slated for June 7.  Fortunately, we now have "Cherry Red" to hold us over until you can get your hands on the physical album.

This track isn't quite as blatantly bawdy as "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked".  It's more of a love and devotion song with a bit of that Ida attitude, but it's always humorous.  Ida has moved away from the punky sound a bit, as this single has an oldie rock style.  There are backup ooh's and ah's along with tambourines, all while still keeping a clear pop melody.

With less than a month until Katla's release, you can also check out "Bad Karma", which is up for downloading.  What do you think of "Cherry Red"?  Is it a good follow-up to Ida Maria's first album?

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