Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sondre Lerche - Domino

Sondre Lerche could be called a musical shapeshifter.  With every album released, he switches genres.  Two Way Monologue, the Norwegian musician's sophomore album, is full of acoustic folk-pop songs.  On his 2006 Duper Sessions record, he transformed into a jazzy crooner.  One can only guess what he'll do with his upcoming self-titled record.  It's set to be released on June 7, and until then we have "Domino".

"Domino" is the album's lead single.  The song is very organic with ringing guitars and a standard, yet teetering, beat.  Sondre's falsetto vocals during the chorus are pristine.  A bit of that jazz style can be heard in his phrasing. Although the single is fairly mellow overall, it does build up to a decent climax during the final chorus.

Upon first listen, I wasn't blown away by the track, but I did catch myself humming the melody.  It's one of those songs that grew on me the more I heard it.  Sometimes those growing tracks end up beating the easy access singles in the long run.  "Domino" feels perfectly fleshed out.  It isn't overdone.  There aren't any unnecessary frills.  It's just there for your enjoyment in perfect form.

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