Friday, January 8, 2010

Norah Jones - Chasing Pirates

Norah Jones broke into the music industry with her 2001 single "Don't Know Why".  The single was an instant hit and even gave her several Grammy Awards.  She became known as a talented pianist and jazz vocalist.  In October of 2009, Jones released "Chasing Pirates", the lead single to her fourth album "The Fall".  This single was a major milestone in her career.  It marked her transition from piano based jazz, to a more indie rock direction.  While the song still has that signature calm and smooth "Norah Jones" feel to it, "Chasing Pirates" sounds more adventurous.  It contains a certain sense of excitement.  One new element for her music is the steady use of a drum beat.  While some previous tracks contained jazz brush drumming, the beat stands out on this track.  This new upbeat style is refreshing and renews her voice.  On "Chasing Pirates", Norah Jones proves that she can continue to create new music of unique styles.

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