Monday, February 17, 2014

Betty Who - Heartbreak Dream

If by any chance the pop scene faced the threat of becoming stale, Betty Who would be our saving grace.  Sweeping down from the skies above, she would serenade the land with radio-ready, yet emotionally intelligent, dance pop jams.  So basically, anyone who's into that type of music should be super excited for her new song, "Heartbreak Dream".  It's the lead single off of her upcoming Slow Dancing EP, which is due out this spring.  Once again, Betty has teamed up with her frequent collaborator and production partner Peter Thomas for this track.  It's pretty magical.

"Heartbreak Dream" is out tomorrow and Betty Who is getting ready for the US "Slow Dancing Tour", which starts next month.  You can see a full list of tour dates here and download her previous EP here.

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