Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers

Wounded Rhymes, the sophomore album from Lykke Li, is due to be released on March 1 in the US.  The album's lead single, "Get Some", hit the internet last October and put Lykke Li back on the radar after several years of absence.  To build up even more momentum before the release of her album, "I Follow Rivers" has been released as the second single.  Unlike the seductive first single, "I Follow Rivers" is more of a love song.  Lykke Li declares her dedication with the chorus of "I follow you, deep sea baby. I follow you.".  While both singles are outstanding, I prefer this song over "Get Some".  It has that same addictive quality as "Little Bit" from Lykke Li's debut.

The single's music video gives the song a brand new perspective.  The beautifully shot clip features Lykke Li chasing after a man over a freezing landscape covered in snow.  Right before the second chorus, she darts after him at full speed, abandoning her shoes in the ice.  The video also brings into consideration that "I Follow Rivers" may not be your average love song.

Watch the music video for "I Follow Rivers" below...

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  1. Beautiful. The song has a strange beat, but it makes you want to clap along. Lykke Li never really dissapoints me.