Friday, August 24, 2012

Muse - Madness

When Muse claimed that Skrillex inspired the sound of their upcoming album, The 2nd Law, I became slightly worried.  I like my Muse without dubstep, thank you.  However, it appears that Muse have decided to contain the record's Skrillex influence within the final two songs of the album, for the most part.  Their new track "Madness" is far from a Skrillex shout out.  It's actually pretty subtle for your average Muse song.  The closest they've come to this sound before was with their 2009 single "Undisclosed Desires".  It's dominantly electronic, but they've saved room for a short guitar solo.

I'm still a bit on the edge about what to expect from The 2nd Law.  It definitely doesn't look like it'll be another Absolution.  Oh, how I wish they would create another album that equals the power of Absolution.  With that said, my curiosity is racing for what Muse will deliver.

The 2nd Law will be out in the UK on October 1 and one day later for the US. You can pre-order an overwhelming variety of album packages here.

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