Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday I'm In Love - 16/8/13

Friday I'm In Love is a weekly feature.
Highlights of what I loved over the past week.
Week = Friday to Friday.
May include things of a non-musical variety.

Pet Shop Boys - Electric

When this album came out last month, it sat on my "to listen" list for quite a while until I eventually forgot about it.  I must admit that this is partially due to their last album, Elysium.  It wasn't a bad release, but something about it failed to thrill me.  Still, whenever I say "you're a winner", it must be in that Neil Tennant "winnah" voice.  So that's something.

Earlier this week, a promo copy of Electric arrived in the mail and you can imagine my surprise after giving it a spin.  This record is amazing in more than one way.  First, the energy that Elysium seemed to lack is in full power this time around.  Secondly, those Pet Shop Boys have been experimenting. The album's production, thanks to the wonderful Stuart Price, gives the heaviest and most trendy electronic artists a run for their money.  You have tracks like "Love Is A Bourgeois Construct", which is practically a tribute to the classic PSB sound, and then "Thursday" with Example or "Shouting In The Evening", a massive electro club hit if I ever did hear one.

The Pet Shop Boys have still got it and Electric will surely stand the test of time against their legendary catalog.  Definitely check it out if you need some fantastic electronic music.  I know it'll be on my rotation for a long time to come.  You can buy a copy of the record here and listen to a few songs below.

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