Monday, November 23, 2009

American Music Awards Recap

Well, last night the AMA's were on, and last blog post I predicted several winners. The results turned out pretty good, except for the two biggest awards. I missed Artist Of The Year and Breakthrough Artist. But hey, who could predict those shocker results. Taylor Swift beat Michael Jackson for Artist Of The Year and Gloriana (Who?) beat Lady GaGa For Breakthrough Artist. This just shows the intensity of Taylor Swift's following. Eight out of ten isn't that bad.

As for the performances, most of them were... questionable. The show started with a performance by Janet Jackson. She sang a medley of her songs, not Michael's as I previously stated. I was incorrectly informed. The show then continued with Daughtry, Shakira, etc. There were several acts that caught my attention, some for the wrong reasons. My favorites were Kelly Clarkson, Green Day, and Alicia Keys (without Jay-Z). My least favorite was Rihanna. Her performance was a mess. I couldn't tell what she was saying at all. Many of the acts were very suggestive, such as Shakira and Adam Lambert. Lady GaGa also took her weird factor to a new level. She wore a flesh colored bodysuit with bone-like coverings.

The AMA's were overall decent. The problem is there were too many performers that focused on dancing and strange on stage antics. I guess some people prefer that and call it "entertainment". Still, I would prefer the artists doing less of a stage show and more of a concert.

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