Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Remixes You Should Hear: Part One

"Cold War (Wondamix)" - Janelle Monáe
The "Wondamix" of "Cold War" actually serves the opposite purpose of most remixes.  Instead of adding more to the song, the Wondamix strips away many pieces of the original.  The beat is slowed down significantly and the guitar solo is now almost classical.  I love how the mood of the song has completely changed.  It gives an entire new face to "Cold War".

"Cosmic Love (Short Club Remix)" - Florence + The Machine
I usually stay away from overly extended remixes, but the Short Club mix of Florence's hit single is a nice rendition of the original melodic track.  I like that the remix still used the acoustic instruments of the original song, but also incorporated heavy club elements.  The song starts with an acoustic guitar, but soon a dance beat comes in.  The vocal track is very prominent in the remix.  One of the biggest mistakes a DJ or producer can make is stripping away the vocals to a point of no return.  The original tack needs to be recognizable, and in this remix it is.

"Settle Down (Penguin Prison Remix)" - Kimbra
Unlike the two previous artists, Kimbra hasn't released her debut album yet.  With the little material she has out, remixes are always welcome.  The Penguin Prison Remix adds a dance beat to the quirky song.  I love the beat after the bridge.  It matches perfectly with Kimbra's "Hey, oh oh!".   The remix doesn't stray from the original format of the song, so it isn't terribly foreign to listeners of the non-remixed version. This remix proves that her voice also sounds good over a more dance/electronic style of music.

Check back soon for part two of the remix series.  The next group includes mixes of songs by Lady Gaga, La Roux, and more.


  1. I love Kimbra's song, Settle Down , and can listen to it over and over again! The song is basically good no matter how you put it, but I like to stick with the original.

  2. OMG I love Florence + The Machine *_*