Monday, September 13, 2010

VMA 2010: My Favorite Moments

Yesterday was MTV's biggest night of the year. It was also a big night for several artists.  With Chelsea Handler hosting, the show was a mixed bag.  The first problem was Chelsea Handler.  I'll just get to the point, she wasn't funny.  The audience also seemed to be forcing fake laughter.  Ellen Degeneres' few moments onstage were better then Handler's.  The show did have several highlight's that made it worth while.  Here are my favorite moments.

Florence + The Machine performs "Dog Days Are Over"
This performance was by far the best, vocally.  Florence Welch's powerful voice was accompanied by a slew of dancers and lights.  The production of performance was also spot on.  This appearance may have sealed Florence + The Machine's success in the US.

Taylor Swift sings "Innocent"
This was a moment that had received a lot of gossip before the show had even started.  Taylor wrote and performed "Innocent" from her upcoming album, Speak Now.  The song wasn't about how Kanye was a terrible person and she was still mad.  Instead she sang a tale of forgiving encouragement.  I thought it was great.

Paramore, Bruno Mars, and B.o.B take the stage for a medley
This segment started with Bruno Mars singing the hook to "Nothin' On You".  The song then switched to "Airplanes" as Hayley Williams took the stage.  B.o.B then sealed the deal and connected the songs with his verses.  After the trio did their hip-hop piece, Hayley joined the rest of Paramore for a rendition of "The Only Exception".  The performance was full of hit singles and worked incredibly well.

Lady Gaga sets records and reveals her next record
The winner of the night was Lady Gaga. She won eight awards, which beats Madonna's previous record.  The final moon man that she won was for Video Of The Year.  "Bad Romance" proved to be her key video.  As she took the stage, wearing a dress made of meat, she revealed to the world the title of her next album.  Holding back tears she announced "Born This Way" and sang a few lines of a new song.

Those were the moments that stood out to me.  Many of the big names that took the stage sadly failed to impress me.  Do you agree with my choices?  Leave a comment telling me your favorite moments.  Did you like Kanye West or Nicki Minaj?  What about Eminem?  Which of Gaga's dresses was your favorite? Let me know!

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