Monday, September 27, 2010

Remixes You Should Hear: Part Two

"Quicksand (Boy 8-Bit Remix)" 
La Roux
This "Quicksand" remix was included on the UK re-release of the single.  A marimba keeps the steady chord progression that the original song followed.  It gives the track a bouncy sound that works well.  At the song's half way mark is the climax.  It continuously builds until a sudden stop.  After the break, the mix finishes up with a synth covered instrumental.  There are several variations in the music, so it avoids becoming too monotone.  The "Boy 8-Bit Remix" adds a great new twist to "Quicksand" while still keeping La Roux's signature style.

"Alejandro (The Sound Of Arrows Remix)" - Lady Gaga
Okay, I know that everyone has heard the original "Alejandro", but this remix completely changes the hit single that you know.  The remix was created by The Sound Of Arrows.  They gave the song a lighter summer mood.  The lines "You know that I love you boy. Hot like Mexico, rejoice. At this point I've gotta choose, nothin' to lose." have become the real hook of the song.  The track is one of the best pieces from Gaga's album full of remixes, The Remix.  After hearing the original track so often, some may even prefer this remix to the original.  Both are great.

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