Friday, October 8, 2010

VersaEmerge - Fixed At Zero

VersaEmerge will unfortunately be compared to Paramore by most critics.  Both groups have strong female vocalists and they both play alternative rock music.  However, VersaEmerge is interesting enough to attract some well deserved attention.  Their single, "Fixed At Zero", focuses strongly on a the lead vocals.  Singer, Sierra Kusterbeck, controls the song.  It has a great melody and chorus, perfect modern rock radio material.  Check out the video for the single below...

The setting in the music video is quite similar to Flyleaf's "Fully Alive", with the dark and windy atmosphere.  It gives listeners a good taste of the band's style.  "Fixed At Zero" can be found on their debut full length album of the same name.  Check it out if you like soaring vocals, catchy guitar riffs, and an infectious chorus.  I'll definitely keep an eye on this band in the future.

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