Friday, November 12, 2010

Lykke Li - Paris Blue

Swedish musician, Lykke Li recently released her new single, "Get Some".  Along with this single, she also put out a B-Side.  "Paris Blue" is the tender ballad that manages to overshadow the main attraction.  Once the A-Side ends and "Paris Blue" begins, you'll wonder why this song wasn't released as the lead single.  It's soft and emotional, but still has a big chorus for potential radio appeal.

"Paris Blue" has the same production style as her debut album, Youth Novels.  Underneath her soaring vocals are strumming guitars and distant echoing drums.  It's all very minimal and effective.  "I'm Paris blue, I miss you. I'm not good enough for you, I'm no good.", she cries during the chorus.  Lykke Li is at her most vulnerable during "Paris Blue".

You can download both "Paris Blue", and the A-Side "Get Some" for free, here.  I suggest you don't pass up this opportunity.  Both songs are great, and "Paris Blue" is a hidden gem.  Hopefully this B-Side makes the cut for Lykke Li's next full length album.  Until she announces further details for her upcoming record, you can enjoy "Paris Blue".

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