Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ke$ha - Cannibal

Have you ever wondered at what point do lyrics cross the line from being mediocre, maybe even a little embarrassing,  to completely unacceptable?  If so, then look no further than Ke$ha's Cannibal.  As the follow up to her debut Animal, the album is packed with synths, bass beats, and auto-tune.  Animal contained several hit singles that became staples on the Top 40 charts.  When I wrote about her newest single "We R Who We R" last month, I described it as positive, simple, and fun.  Cannibal is also fun... if you can get past the words that are coming out of Ke$ha's mouth.  It's shocking in a new way.

I admit, whenever "Your Love Is My Drug" came on the radio I would sing along.  The lyrics were bratty, but the beat was always catchy.  When I pressed play on Cannibal for the first time, I expected the same dance club singles.  As the title track of the album started, I heard Ke$ha's strange roaring-growling sounds.  "I eat boys up, breakfast and lunch. Then when I'm thirsty, I drink their blood - I am a cannibal."  When I heard the first verse of the title track, my first reaction was to laugh.  The lyrics aren't so much funny, but instead unbelievable.  There could be a metaphor mixed in those lines, but that really wouldn't make it much better.  The majority, if not all, of the lyrics are for dancing and only dancing.  Cannibal is a party record.

After the title track, the record continues at a similar pace.  "The Harold Song" seems to be the turning point of the album.  The song has a similar sound to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream".  It's also the first track on the album that isn't strictly about partying, boyfriend bashing, or sex.  "The Harold Song" is definitely the highlight of the album.  "C U Next Tuesday" also stands out from the other songs.  The synths on the track remind me of a Wham! single.

If you scan over the track listing on the back of the CD case, you'll get a good description of the album.  Songs titles such as "Sleazy", "Blow", "C U Next Tuesday", and "Grow A Pear" represent the mood of the record.  Cannibal doesn't have much substance at all due to the nature of the lyrics.  There are some great melodies on the album, but unfortunately that's about it.  Unless you're a rabid Ke$ha fan, I would skip Cannibal.  There are countless new pop albums worth listening to that are better than Cannibal.

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  1. I'm steering clear of her, like usual. It's unfortunate she's on the radio so often that I know nearly every lyric.