Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Robyn - Body Talk

Earlier this year, Robyn began a musical trilogy.  Titled "Body Talk", the series of albums was released over a span of about six months.  Each album contained approximately eight songs that dabbled in pop, dance, and electronic music.  Her newest release, and the end of the series, is named Body Talk.  Instead of releasing another album with under ten songs, the Swedish musician decided to put out a compilation record.  This album collects five songs from Body Talk Pt. 1, five songs from Body Talk Pt. 2, and five new songs that are technically Body Talk Pt. 3.

Body Talk begins with "Dancing On My Own", the first single from Pt. 1.  Being her most promoted song, it's a great choice for the album opener.  The record continues through two more Pt. 1 songs until you reach, "Indestructible".  A string covered acoustic version of this song had been released prior to this album, but the new fleshed out dance version brings a new light to the single.  "Time Machine", another new song, is the strongest of the five new tracks.  The song is already begging to get radio play.  "Time Machine" is definitely a hit.

The record does a good job of mixing new songs between the older tracks.  You never get too much of one album in a row.  If you already own Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 and have become familiar with the song order, then the track listing may take some time to settle in.

With compilations, song choice is always the most important factor for success.  Body Talk, for the most part, is outstanding.  The inclusion of the more experimental and instrumental tracks ("Don't ****ing Tell Me What To Do" and "We Dance To The Beat") seems risky, but it works.  The only real mistake is leaving out the standout track, "Criminal Intent", from Pt. 2.  "Cry When You Get Older" was another great track that's missing from the album.

At fifteen tracks long, Body Talk is pop music heaven.  There are enough hooks on this album to make even the biggest pop stars jealous.  Robyn's risky plan of releasing three albums within one year surprisingly and successfully worked.  She's now embarking on an international "Body Talk Tour" to celebrate.

If you already own Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, like many dedicated fans will, you can buy the EP version of this album titled Body Talk Pt. 3.  It contains only the five new songs and is available digitally everywhere and physically in select regions.  Here's the extended compilation version's track listing.

  • 1. Dancing On My Own (Radio Version)
  • 2. Fembot
  • 3. Don't ****ing Tell Me What To Do
  • 4. Indestructible
  • 5. Time Machine
  • 6. Love Kills
  • 7. Hang With Me
  • 8. Call Your Girlfriend
  • 9. None of Dem (Feat. R√∂yksopp)
  • 10. We Dance To The Beat
  • 11. U Should Know Better (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
  • 12. Dancehall Queen
  • 13. Get Myself Together
  • 14. In My Eyes
  • 15. Stars 4-Ever

Body Talk
is a satisfying end to the album trilogy.  I would definitely check it out if you love catchy pop, dance, and electronic music.  The five new tracks are just as strong as the past albums.  Maybe next time around Robyn will try to break the record again with five albums in a year.  One can only hope...

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  1. Wonderful review! I love Body Talk series and I love Robyn too! She is one of the best, underrated, stars of the nowadays pop.