Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vendor Defender - Golden Shivers

Vendor Defender is a band that wish I had discovered sooner.  They have fresh distinct sound and their single "Golden Shivers" is one of the catchiest pieces of indie pop I've heard this year.  This Glasgow band mixes up the indie sounds of the UK with humming synths.  The result is infectious and most definitely worth checking out.

Upon first listen, the beginning thirty seconds of the song gives you the impression that you're about to hear a mostly dance oriented track, but the verse that follows changes everything.  "Golden Shivers" switches gears and takes the form of a hi-hat dominated single, not too dissimilar from the Arctic Monkeys or even Franz Ferdinand.  It's great fun and would probably succeed on the alternative charts here in the US.  The vocals match the style of music perfectly.  It really leaves a good impression on the audience.

You can check out Vendor Defender's Myspace to stream "Golden Shivers" along with their other tracks.  The band is also available for downloading on iTunes.  Give Vendor Defender a listen if you like rock music with a poppy side that makes you want to get up and dance.

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