Thursday, April 26, 2012

Record Store Day 2012

I had always been a CD person.  Unless you count my cassette listening days of the mid-nineties, I've always bought CD's.  I never liked the idea of buying music digitally, and yes, I buy my music.  But over time I've started to make the switch over to vinyl.  Within the last year or so in particular, I started going for vinyl whenever possible.  Something about playing a real record is amazing and I now believe that nothing beats it.  Depending on where you shop, it can be the most cost efficient method as well.

Between that last paragraph and now, I've walked over to my turntable and switched records.  From Chaka Khan to Eurythmics, if you were wondering.

Record Store Day was last Saturday, and this vinyl habit made it mandatory that I attend.  With it being my first year, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I could either go to DC or Richmond, seeing as they had the best distance to record store count ratios.  I chose Richmond out of convenience and after discovering that many of the DC stores had closed their locations.  You see! Go out and support your local record stores!

On the morning of RSD12, I headed out to three stores.  With an overly optimistic "Most Wanted" list in hand, I scoured the shelves.  Two of the three stores had lines that wrapped the building, and I missed out on several of my most wanted titles (I'm looking at you, David Bowie picture disc), but overall, I'd say RSD12 was a success.  The Feistodon vinyl pictured above is one my favorite purchases.

I'll have you know that it's extremely difficult to photograph black etched vinyl with minimum glare, so don't cringe at the upcoming photo.  I also picked up a ton of other records, but I'm only posting pictures of the RSD12 exclusives.  I'll feature the other vinyl in future posts.  Keep reading for the remaining pictures of my haul.

Garbage "Blood For Poppies" White 7"

Florence + The Machine "Shake It Out" 7"

Regina Spektor "Bulat Okudzhava" White 7"

Katy Perry "Part Of Me" Pink 12"

Lana Del Rey "Born To Die" 7"

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros "One Love To Another" 7"

M83 "Mirror" Etched 7"

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