Monday, April 16, 2012

St. Vincent - KROKODIL (Live)

If you were on the internet at all last weekend, then you probably witnessed a mass of blog posts, pictures, and tweets about Coachella.  Sadly, I was not present to witness the events in person.  However, I did keep up with the festivities through the power of live video feeds, and holograms aside, one of the most spectacular highlights was St. Vincent's set.  And the highlight within this highlight was her new song, "KROKODIL".  Annie Clark performed the new track and simultaneously crowdsurfed across an ecstatic pit.  It's better to just watch it and see for yourself.  Skip to 37:45 for the craziness.

"KROKODIL" will be available April 21 alongside another new release, "GROT", on an exclusive 7" for Record Store Day.  It's red vinyl, so make sure to pick that up as you grab your record haul later this month.

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