Saturday, December 10, 2011

Porcelain Raft - Put Me To Sleep

Porcelain Raft's debut album, Strange Weekend, is slated for a release date of January 24th.  Mauro Remiddi, the man behind the name, has released a spectrum of songs under Porcelain Raft over the last year or two.  His newest release also serves as the lead single to Strange Weekend.  "Put Me To Sleep" is a warped sound tunnel that only gets better with its milky music video.  Porcelain Raft has always been a project that evokes multiple senses and it's evident in the clip, which was directed by Remiddi himself. 

After you watch the video, head over to Porcelain Raft's Facebook page for a free download of "Put Me To Sleep".  Mark your calendar, because you won't want to miss out on this album.

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