Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kate Nash - Under-Estimate The Girl

Last week, Kate Nash released a new single that is presumably from her upcoming album.  If one had to explain what Kate's music sounds like, they would probably describe it as brash and bouncy piano heavy pop, or maybe even sing a bit of "Foundations".  They definitely wouldn't think of phrases such as punk rock or riot grrrl.  Sure, she experimented with sounds on 2010's My Best Friend Is You, but never that far.

This time, she went there.  "Under-Estimate The Girl" is a complete transformation.  This musical milestone could drastically change Kate Nash's career in so many ways.  The overall audience reception has been split pretty evenly down the middle.  Some love the new track, while others claim that it's simply dreadful noise.  I think it's amazing.  If her next album sounds like this, then sign me up.

Check out the music video for "Under-Estimate The Girl" below.  You can download the single, here.

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