Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Victory - EP

I've recently become obsessed with a Brooklyn punk band that goes by the name Little Victory.  I can't remember how I stumbled upon their music, but it's been on my speakers nonstop ever since.  They only have one EP and it came out in January of 2011.  Yeah, I'm a bit late.  You may have seen my tweet about the album earlier this week.

Anyway, I'm even later to the party than I first assumed.  Unfortunately, Little Victory called it quits and disbanded in February of this year.  Finding a band you love, only to discover that they're no longer a band is just the worst feeling.  Even with this sad truth, I highly suggest that you still check out the EP.  It's full of hyper punk music and the track "Tigers" even has a music video.  Their live antics and merch, which you can read about here, undeniably grants them permission to use the queercore label.

Feel free to stream and download their EP below, for free.  I say we all download the album and push for a new record with accompanying reunion tour...

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