Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cold Cave - Black Boots

I was about to publish this post about Cold Cave's new single, but then Pitchfork premiered the music video and I most definitely needed to comment on that, so here I am rewriting everything.  "Black Boots", which debuted about a week ago, is the A-side to a new vinyl release.  It follows Cold Cave's recent wave of singles, all of which have been nothing less than excellent.  "Black Boots" has a minimalistic electronic beat that serves as the pacemaker to Wesley Eisold's dark drone.  I've found it to be somewhat addictive.

About the video... it's interesting.  The video was directed by Slava Tsukerman and is a collaboration with Alexandre Plokhov.  It's completely not what I expected from a Cold Cave project.  The various settings and effects actually remind me of M.I.A. and her tendency to use outlandish aesthetics.  Watch the video for "Black Boots" and see for yourself.

Cold Cave's Black Boots / Meaningful Life seven inch is available now on split black and clear vinyl, via Heartworm.  You can purchase a copy of the record here.

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