Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mr. Dream - Loud Tools

It's been a minute or two since Mr. Dream's last release, which arrived in the form of 2012's Fatherland EP.  Brooklyn's favorite post-punk, grunge trash rock, whatever you want to call them trio have stepped back into the game with the announcement of a new record and a couple tracks as evidence. Their most recent single, freshly arrived via yesterday, is "Loud Tools".

While their past music could often be described as a fury of rampaging energy, "Loud Tools" plays like a steady, yet equally forcible, machine. Over at Stereogum they brought up a Franz Ferdinand comparison, which actually isn't crazy, but it sure does sound like a far-fetched idea in theory. Nevertheless, hearing new material from the band has kickstarted anticipation levels for the upcoming album.

Mr. Dream's previously mentioned new album is titled The Ultimate In Luxury and it's due in January on GODMODE.  If "Loud Tools" leaves you wanting more of the Dream, then check out another cut from the LP, "Fringy Slider".

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