Friday, November 1, 2013

David Bowie - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix Edit By James Murphy For The DFA)

At this point, I'm just at a loss for words when it comes to Bowie.  The Next Day's promotional cycle has been completely flawless.  There's a steady output of vinyl releases and every music video has been a spectacle.  On November 4, The Next Day Extra will be released, an expanded three disc set featuring the original album, a ten track bonus CD with new material, and a DVD containing all of Bowie's Next Day videos.  However, one video that won't be included on the DVD is the new clip for James Murphy's "Love Is Lost" remix.

Featuring super creepy Scary Monster and Thin White Duke puppets from the archives, the video was apparently created on a total budget of $12.99, with all of the funds going towards a thumb drive.  It was shot by a three person crew consisting of Jimmy King, Coco Schwab, and Bowie himself. The entire production was conceived and finished in about a week at his Manhattan office.  Brilliant.

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