Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ke$ha - Dirty Love

It's pretty much common pop knowledge that Ke$ha is tangled in some kind of label trap.  Her fans have started a petition to free her of Dr. Luke's creative control and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips voiced his disappointment with the situation after their collaborative Lip$ha record was cancelled.  We also can't forget Ke$ha's now deleted tweets where she claimed that she was forced to sing her hit single, "Die Young".  Less than fantastic single sales only make the situation even more complicated.  The label could claim that the numbers are a result of her failure to cooperate, while Ke$ha could argue that it's the perfect reason to be released from her contract.  What happens when the pop star no longer wants to be a pop star?

It was somewhat surprising to see a the release of a new music video from her Warrior album, as promotion pretty much fell through after "Crazy Kids" fizzled out.  The video for "Dirty Love" drops Iggy Pop's dated-upon-release verse and features a new solo verse, along with some stripped down production.  Directed by Ke$ha with a seemingly low budget, it's probably her best video since "Blow".  And as much as I love Iggy, this new version of the track is way more rock than the original duet.

Check out the video for "Dirty Love" below and if you never gave it a listen, head this way for the full Warrior record.  Although buying that may just help her label, so maybe tour tickets are the way to go.

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