Thursday, January 16, 2014

Paloma Faith - Can't Rely On You

Paloma Faith's new single "Can't Rely On You" came out a few days ago and I'll just go ahead and say it now.  Blurred Lines.  Yes, it was produced by Pharrell and it's painfully obvious.  The opening beat is strikingly similar to his creeper anthem with Robin Thicke.  The comparison fades away a bit once Paloma's vocals come in and the lyrics are vastly different, but it's still a rather unfortunate similarity.  I love Paloma and her generally wacky style, she's one of the great belt-it-out vocalists of recent times, but "Can't Rely On You" is a mixed bag.  Maybe if I listen to it enough, the "Blurred Lines" factor will be washed away.  I blame Pharrell and his "errbody get up" background noises.

Paloma Faith's third album, A Perfect Contradiction, is scheduled for March 3.

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